Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shattering identity abstraction ... to reality

A recent article entitled "Niall Ferguson, Ted Cruz, and the Politics of Masculinity" highlights with disapproval "a philosophy in which a certain construction of masculinity is, in style and substance, superior to the that of their opponents, whom they see as somehow soft, feminized, and lacking in legitimacy." Elements of this philosophy manifest as pro-gun, distrust of government, individualism (selfishness). While, on the surface, this article is about the politics of masculinity, between the lines, it promotes the politics of femininity.

This sort of one-sided intellectual  abstraction (on both sides) is a reason why so many people are unable transcend abstraction or separation.  In reality no person fits the abstract intellectual mold the writer artificially constructs. In the abstract, however, identity politics (ego consciousness) is all modern men and woman have in the political arena. Our concepts are too much with us. This article further promotes a deep seated trust in humanity's ability to bring peace and understanding if we only fashion and impose the right intellectual, conceptual framework ... the correct intellectual sheathing over human relations. Who we are as individuals is bigger than the abstractions. Who we truly are is always present between the threads of the abstract intellectual webs we fashion as the foothold for the ego. True identity and eternal consciousness is found not in the words and concepts but in the active Presence behind the solidification of mere word and abstract concepts. That Presence, who we are, is that which we share with every person.

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