Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sensibles and Visibles and the Moment

"The Word is that by which we live, namely, Jesus himself; and his words represent, in part, in shadow, in suggestion, himself. Any utterance worthy of being called a truth, is human food: how much more The Word, presenting no abstract laws of our being, but the vital relation of soul and body, heart and will, strength and rejoicing, beauty and light, to Him who first gave birth to them all!"

--George MacDonald - Unspoken Sermons

In reflective consciousness, the self-conscious ego is anchored in the events and perceptions through the five senses and the thoughts, feelings, and desires make up the soul world. If the five senses and thoughts, feelings, desire can no longer the self-conscious ego, consciousness is lost. With dissolution of the body (death), the senses stop functioning along with the brain so that in reflective consciousness the self-conscious ego can no longer "see" or experience itself in the mirrors of perception and the emotional and thought world.

Many people seek and experience a foothold in existent wherein the self-conscious ego sustains itself; outside of the need for the reflective function of the body and the world.  The experience of the indwelling Holy Spirit, the Inner Light, the Guide, the Watcher, The Observer, the Moment, the Present, The Presence, The Inner Christ, The Word, etc; is testimony to the self-conscious ego free from dependency on the mirrors of the body and the world to "Be." The self-conscious ego takes hold of essential Being through direct experience. It knows, through experience, consciousness without mirrors.  Consciousness (the inner light) does not dim and extinguish with the dissolution of the body.

Jacob Boehme in "The Supersensual Life" speaks of  "leaving" the "Visibles and Sensibles, by which either the Imagination or sensitive Appetite in Men are delighted." This shedding of the Visibles and Sensibles as the anchor of the self-conscious ego and in-stead anchoring the self-conscious ego in the vital being through which the visible and sensible mirrors manifest is alignment with that Presence that is ever there behind the Visibles and Sensibles. Who is seeing those hands typing on the laptop. Who is seeing that beautiful valley? Who is seeing the Syrian people fighting amongst themselves? Who is seeing that person that collapsed in the parking lot? That Presence that is there in all the individual does, thinks, and feels is there in each and ever other individual being we encounter in each and every moment if we only show up. That Presence, Eternity, can be experienced and know in this life and in this world and in this moment, when people take their gaze and focus from the Visibles and Sensibles and re-cognize and then recognize vital being ... spiritual consciousness.

The glory and power of Being present is showing up in the Visibles and Sensibles so that we experience them fresh as if a child experiencing the things of the world for the first time. In the Present there is no nostalgia; re-flecting on past experience. And there is no yearning for a perceived future. In the present ... there is life and direct experience unconditioned by the past or future. In the eternal present, we are awake to the beauty of the Sensibles and Visibles; they no longer captivate or darken the eternal Present, they enhance the wonder and beauty of the moment.

The past week was trying for me and my family as my doctor expressed concern I may have a blood clot in my lung. Care and concern approached on the horizon of being and threatened to darken the Light. Throughout the process of medical tests and family expressions of concern, there were moments when fear and anxiety won over and the light faded. At other times, eternity was upon with great power and peace was upon me as I settled into the Present and acknowledged to anxiety and fear. I touched these emotions and did not resist. When a doctor suggests you may have a blood clot that could cause the insist dissolution of the body, I learned inner strength was severely tested. I also experienced the self-conscious ego, anchored eternal Being, is graced with the wonderment of eternal security in the Present in unto the death of the body.

My CT scan came back negative. No blood clot. Other tests showed diminished lung capacity, perhaps due to life-long allergies.

May each of you show-up in each moment ... I'll meet you there.

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