Friday, August 23, 2013

An outcome of the Present or the personal experience of the Holy Spirit.

An outcome of the Present or the personal experience of the Holy Spirit.

Once intention and concentration give way to consciousness free from the need for the mirrors of worldly consciousness, a detachment happens;  a space is created between our ideas and emotions and essential being. Thoughts and emotions no longer have an enchanting hold on us. Our identity is no longer bound to concepts and emotions so that they approach us as external happenings in the same way that, say, we relate to a weather event. When it is storming outside, we do not say, I am storming. We say, "It is storming." In the Present, we no longer relate to the emotion of angry as subjective. We do not say; "I am anger." We say; "Anger is happening." This acknowledges the event of anger but also acknowledges anger is not me, it is an event happening to me. I am not anger. In the Present we are observers, no longer identified we emotions. Thoughts are the same way. They are no longer the foundation of personal identity. They are objects we acknowledge as realities presented to us, however, we know they are not our foothold for identity. 

The inner quiet gained from Being that is ever present, even amidst onslaught of random thoughts and emotions, is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

This experience is not just about quiet and peace when grappling with thoughts and emotions you don't particularly like; but also with those you embrace. Using the weather example; happiness happens, it is no longer a part of who we are. We no longer say; "I am happy." We say; "Happiness is happening to me. Again, this acknowledges happiness as an event that play out before is.

Imagine, the subjective/objective dichotomy is shattered. Thoughts and emotions are the idols of modern men and women as the stone images were in the past. Thoughts and images are the icons that modern men and woman must smash. That is, that modern men and women must break free from as the foundation of personal identity. That freedom is found in living in the moment ... the eternal presence ... the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Peace, love, tolerance, sacrifice, etc. are not concepts we seek to project. They are happenings we acknowledge in the Present just as we acknowledge anxiety, hate, intolerance, selfishness. In Eternity, abstract values are not forced on the world through external institutions or political activism, they are the result of sustained experience of and focus in the Present through each individual.

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