Monday, August 12, 2013

Human Being Unleased

A Testimony to Spirituality, the Inner Light, True Self, the New Self, Spiritual Man, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God, Spiritual Being, Eternal Life, and Salvation ... in other words.

Normally, modern day individual consciousness (self awareness) happens when people come in contact with external material objects through the body's five senses. Self awareness is the result of bumping up against external objects. Self-awareness also results from connection with thoughts, feelings, desires. This is sometimes called mirrored consciousness. In mirrored consciousness external objects, thoughts, feeling, desires, become mirrors through which the individual becomes aware of himself or herself. To take away these mirrors is to lose consciousness. Mirrored consciousness can also be called bodily consciousness.

If the five senses and brain activity no longer function, what is left? When the body no longer functions, that is, when the individual can longer no see things, taste things, touch things, smell things, hear things, think about things, feel emotions, etc. will consciousness sustain or will the light go out? To mirrored consciousness this is death. The fear of death is the fear of losing consciousness ... awareness ... connection.

Mirrored consciousness is leased to the body. Without the body, mirrored consciousness goes dark.

The body itself is an external object we bump up against. Normally we are completely identified with our bodies. However, our bodies are perceptions in the same way as a tree. We can ask; "Who is perceiving these hands, these fingers, these legs, etc.? We can also ask, "Who is it that these thoughts and emotions approach?" Normally, we completely identify with thoughts and emotions. We say; "I am angry" or "I am happy." Who is it the anger happens to? Who is it that happiness happens to?

It can happen that the individual comes through to an experience of the Presence that has always existed in every abstract perception or thought or emotion. That Presence is who perceives the body and who is hidden behind each sensation and perception of the mirrored consciousness. It is the being or essence of each person. Thoughts, emotions, perceptions, sensations, happen in the Present. The Present encompasses  the material and the emotional. I've read somewhere the observation that weather happens in the sky ... weather is not the sky. In the same way, the Present is the canvas upon which perceptions, sensations, and emotions manifest. The canvas encompasses all that is painted on it.

Becoming aware in the Present is consciousness no longer dependent on the mirrors of the material, conceptual, and emotional world. It is to be free from the enchantment of abstraction. The Present is sufficient and essential being. In the Present ,consciousness is awakened to identity with no predication ... I am.  In the Present, there is no Jew or Greek, no conservative or liberal, no believer or unbeliever, and not because diversity and fragmentation doesn't happen in the world but because diversity and fragmentation in temporal world is acknowledged and tolerated because, in each of us, shared unity is the Present. Identity exists in the unrefracted light even as we acknowledge the beauty of refracted light through the prism of the world and bodily being.

Spirituality, the Inner Light, True Self, the New Self, Spiritual Man, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God, Spiritual Being, Eternal Life, Salvation and ... The Present ... are each testimonies to consciousness sustained upon the death of the body.

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