Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Carnal and Spiritual ... The Tension Dynamic

Here on the south coast of Oregon, there is a person seeking to develop a golf course on property that is currently in public trust and set aside as a natural area. He wishes to enter into a land swap agreement with the Oregon State Parks. I've been part of the group opposing the land swap. In my opposition, it often happens, that indignation and frustration becomes so strong I turn my gaze from the Inner Presence. What I mean is I become so enchanted by the indignation and frustration, intention and watchfulness is overwhelmed and life in the eternal moment is lost to ego consciousness. Forcing my ideas and feelings on others and imploring state government officials to enforce my will over that of others; that is ego consciousness. It is consciousness/identity based on the workings of the body and the world. I become enchanted by and identified with a set of abstract ideological constructs and emotives so that I am is no longer ... I am becomes a projection reflected in abstract ideas, emotions, desires, and terrestrial circumstances ... idolatry.

A couple years ago, in Michigan, a person came up to me and and asked me what I was doing with that backpack sprayer in a natural area. I told him I was part of a group working to eradicate a non-native plant, common buckthorn, so that a rare native orchid could thrive again. He expressed his indignation over "tree huggers" and his agitation increase. His companion came up behind me and pushed me into a guard rail along the roadside and the large bolts dug into my side and I lost my breath. They kicked me a few times and left laughing. I became so angry, indignant, and frustrated, that I resolved to bring a baseball bat with me the next day hoping to dish out some retribution ... now losing my breath spiritually. I am was no longer .... I became a projection reflected in abstract ideas, emotions, desires, and terrestrial circumstances ... I became lost ... ego consciousness was in control; spiritual conscious was pushed aside.

There are so many examples of turning my gaze from the eternal present and losing to abstraction or worldly identity. It is a blessing that the Present is ever present; it ever calls me back into the flow of eternity, washing over me in a cleansing way, so that the darkness of mirrored consciousness is illuminated and transformed again and again and there happens alignment with eternal consciousness. Consciousness that experiences Being no longer dependent on the things of this world and the carnal sensual working of the body ... Christ consciousness ... the new self ... the present. Then ... I see ... the eternity in those with whom I may disagree or in those who would cause me pain and there is love and forgiveness.

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