Saturday, May 4, 2013

The beauty of fragmented government

I read this morning about the passage South Carolina legislation criminalizing the implementation of centralized health care.

I then reflected on how wonderful it is to live in a country under a Constitution that limits centralized power in favor of fragmented government. It is so refreshing to live in a country wherein one state (Massachusetts) embraces mandatory participation in a health care system and other state reject such a system summarily. If you want to live in a state with universal health care ... you can. If you don't want to support state imposed and implemented health care ... you can live in a state that matches your conviction. This is the essence of freedom ... tolerance in diversity.

It is so disturbing that there are individuals in our midst that reject the freedom of fragmentation for the imposition of centralized control by the federal government.

Again ... the foundation of freedom is tolerance. I tolerant those who do not wish to live as I with the expectation they will tolerant my state of being.

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