Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eternity in Mutability.

The garden is in constant change. The pea plants are exhausted by weeks of produce. The potato plants are dying off as the underground tubers grow. The things of this world are ever changing, however, life - the immutable Presence - saturates all things. In each separate experience or perception ... there is Presence ... there is eternity. Awareness of and concentration on the present is living in the stream of immutability that runs through the world of mutability. Wholeness is entering the stream while experiencing and touching mutability.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ten Oxherding Pictures

A Meditation

Ten Oxherding Pictures

Self to light

A hint of warning: harbour well
the Spirit’s bounty, gifts from god
are there to ripen, there to swell
earthed in the soul and, fructifying, bring
the fruits of Self to light.

Steiner, Rudolf (2006-07-30). Calendar of the Soul: The Year Participated (Kindle Locations 175-178). Rudolph Steiner Pr. Kindle Edition.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Intuitive experience and garden hoeing

The events and interactions during daily living dis-tract from sustained inner awareness. For the intuitive, life is movement in and out of illumination. I pick certain tasks as meditative practice to strengthen the inner life with the hope of someday showing up in all tasks. Hoeing the garden has become a beloved meditative exercise. The unwanted plant life growing in the garden are thoughts, feelings, and perceptions randomly popping up throughout the garden of daily life. I address them, acknowledge them, and clear them. A garden full of unwanted plant life is like thought life so full of random and unwanted thoughts that awareness is chocked off or extinguished. Sustaining awareness during the process of hoeing helps me showup in other tasks and interactions throughout the day.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"... the soul could, in thinking, lay hold of its own nature in the self-conscious ego, and if it could arrive, through a spiritual experience, at inner activities of the self with which it could see itself as being grounded in its own entity."

Steiner, Rudolf (2009-08-01). The Riddles of Philosophy (p. 420). SteinerBooks, Collected Works 18. Kindle Edition.

Imagine showing up in every moment. Imagine being self-aware in every moment as opposed to the normality of becoming lost and carried along in each event or every contact with another. Showing up in every moment is being eternal. There are intuitives in the world who experience this inner light or eternal being. Life for the intuitives is ever light extinguishing and darkness illuminating.